Sometimes Real Life Means More Than Politics

Sometimes Real Life Means More Than Politics (Excerpt)

Jan 27th, 2018

By Mike McGannEditor, The Times


Reading our JP Phillips’ account of State Rep. Eric Roe’s (R-158) Town Hall meeting this week — amazingly his ninth since taking office a little over a year ago — it is clear any doubts we had, and we clearly had them, about whether his youth and inexperience would be a problem have been all but eliminated.

While I certainly don’t agree with the youthful (yes, I have ties older than he is, a sad commentary on my fashion sense) first-term representative on every issue, his willingness to lead the fight against Gerrymandering, his opposition to silly ideas to end local property taxes to pay for our schools (there are better answers to solve the property tax problem), opposition to the gambling expansion, and support for privatization of the state liquor stores are reasonable and solid stances.

He seems unwilling to follow the easy path, instead wanting to fight for what he actually thinks is right — especially impressive for a freshman legislator. Again, while we don’t agree with him on every issue, his honestly and bravery is a refreshing change of pace in Harrisburg.

Add in the fact that he clearly isn’t afraid to face his constituents and listen — something becoming all too rare these days — and you have to be impressed.

He is someone who has a very bright future in front of him if he stays the course.